Great Things Seen & Heard

  • Sec 5 students getting giddy with Grad just a day away
  • MF getting the ball rolling on our Annual Potluck and having the invitation sent to parents in time for responses to come
  • Year-End Activities committee (DM, RD, making awesome plans for a day of fun
  • BW & HH doing a super job organizing and taking notes for whoever will do it next year
  • Quotable quotes as background on Smart Board screen in Grade 6 (see Inspiration of the Week—I was inspired!)

Bits & Pieces

  • May 27th is Sec 5 Grad (Convocation at 3:00 PM at PDN)
  • Last Day of School for High School is June 9th
  • Annual Baseball Game in afternoon of June 9th

Events Next Week

  • May 29th: AB & HH on Oujé field trip with Sec. 5
  • May 29th: EV away morning only
  • May 29th: Representative of Encounters coming to share news
  • May 29th: Secondary 2 ELA exams begin in class
  • May 30th: GB meeting at 6:45 PM, to be confirmed
  • May 31st: EV away morning only
  • May 31st: NQ leaves early (no sub)
  • June 1st: Secondary Appreciation Recess (SC & AL)
  • June 1st: Annual GB Potluck supper 5:30-7:00 PM
  • June 2nd: Gr. 4 exams end
  • June 2nd: Gr. 2 marking centre in VC

Great Things Seen & Heard

  • Somebody special has posted one-line positive messages all over the school!
  • May 20th Flea Market successfully earned around $500 towards our new playground, with a plan to add table rentals to next year’s market
  • So many staff members have been willing and flexible to make sure exam supervision is covered