Great Things Seen & Heard

  • SC spending 45 minutes helping unjam the photocopier for Grad programs
  • CC running in at recess to make sure we send someone to find a runaway student
  • Quotable quote on the library window (see Inspiration of the week)
  • Best Convocation we’ve seen in years, with Sec 5 students impressing all guests
  • Great committee work to plan, prepare and set up Annual Potluck!!
  • People having a great time at the Annual Potluck—what a success!

Bits & Pieces

  • Any receipts for reimbursement should already have been handed in by now.
  • We will be collecting all teacher iPads for the last week of June.

Events Next Week

  • June 5th: EV away (at Riverside)
  • June 6th: EV away for morning only
  • June 6th: EP and CK away in afternoon (to Riverside)
  • June 6th: Staff Meeting after school
  • June 7th: EP and CK away (at Riverside)
  • June 7th: PH and PF in VC for Marking Centre
  • June 9th: NQ away
  • June 9th: Last Day for Secondary!
  • June 9th: High School Assembly
  • June 9th: Annual Baseball Game in afternoon