Great Things Seen & Heard

  • ROOTS tag team teaching went very well on PED Day, and afternoon activities led to much laughter—so much that people want to do the same thing another time!
  • As a Grade 4 boy was leaving for his dentist appointment, he insisted his mom return him after school because he couldn’t miss the Christmas Concert practice with Daycare!

Clips & Tips

Our school has a subscription to an educational video website that replaced VoDZone, but no-one has used it since 2014. Some teachers already have a log-in name and password, while the others will be receiving an email shortly. Support staff can ask for an account also. This is the website:

Bits & Pieces

  • Half of the Math teachers will meet Laurette Barker on Dec. 1st, the second half on December 7th
  • Term One Awards will be presented at the December 4th assembly

Events Next Week

  • Monday, November 27th, 6:45PM:  Basketball game here at SHS; let’s cheer them on!
  • Tuesday, November 28th: Sec 5 to Arts Centre (Exposcol) (early lunch)
  • Tuesday, November 28th: Principals’ meeting PM
  • Wednesday, November 29th: Citrus Fundraiser orders arrive
  • Friday, December 1st: PED Day Laurette Barker for some Math teachers; Marjolaine Quer for Resource Teachers