Great Things Seen & Heard

  • A Grade 6 student will be receiving a prize from the Lions’ Club at the Assembly on Monday!
  • When asked what was in the down coat to keep the teacher warm, Kindergarten students guessed: sugar / sand / blanket / oxygen / nothing / pillows / air / some little bags with rice in it / white fluff / something soft / feathers.
  • It was neat on Monday morning to see a couple teachers sharing plates of food from the Staff Appreciation with students (who could likely use a good snack).
  • On Tuesday morning, three 3 boys were building up the Unifix cubes into the 10-frame trains.  The teacher gathered the class around and started showing them a limited piece of ‘land’ and asked what people would do when there’s no more land to build houses. One student quickly answered, “They go to Cuba.”