Great Things Seen & Heard

  • One little boy was heard telling his classmate, “My daddy knows a LOT!”.  The little girl’s response, “My daddy knows EVERYTHING!”
  • This was shared by a mom during the parent/teacher meeting.  Her daughter was relieved that the 100th day in Kindergarten is gone and she’s still in Kindergarten.  The little girl was a bit anxious and nervous, thinking that she’ll have to go to Grade 1 after the 100th day.
  • A teacher asked a student to tell me about his painting and this is what he said as he described it: “Queen plus love equals King.”

Clips & Tips

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Bits & Pieces

  • If our secretary has a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the counter, it means she has deadlines to meet and would rather you send an email with your question or please come back a little later.
  • The CQSB Math Consultant is booked to start at 8:30 on March 12th with K-2  teachers (all day)
  • Fundraising or outing requests due by March 20th
  • Employment requests (percentage change, transfers, retirement) are due in April—details posted in staff room and in office.

Events Next School Week

  • Monday, March 12th: PED Day: Math Consultant for K-2 all day
  • Monday, March 12th: School Council at 16h00
  • Wednesday, March 14th: Possibility of International Student Protest Day
  • Friday, March 16th: Drawing Contest, dress green (50¢) and Gold Hunt (free)
  • Friday, March 16th: Carrefour Jeunesse brief info session at 11h09 (Little Theatre)