Clips & Tips

There is something for everyone (every level, every subject) on this site that puts the spotlight on classroom situations where teaching and learning decisions are driven by student learning instead of traditional expectations. Examples abound, so check it out:

Bits & Pieces

  • Teachers should hand in their Value-Added Remuneration forms to a School Council member (FA, LC, or SL) before the meeting on May 7th (see Staff Info & Forms folder in Staff Shared document folders and ask for help if needed).
  • Spirit Week (by Student Council) will be May 7th to 11th
  • SHS Celebrates coming up on May 17th.

Events Next Week

  • Monday, April 30th: 9:00 Assembly
  • Tuesday, May 1st: EV at Principals’ Meeting
  • Wednesday, May 2nd: EV at Principals’ Meeting
  • Friday, May 4th: Squad Day (dress like your group of friends) (50¢)
  • Friday, May 4th: Grade 4 Bake Sale
  • Friday, May 4th: Alumni Basketball at SHS
  • Friday, May 5th: Alumni Basketball at SHS

Great Things Seen & Heard

  • Overheard: if I’d had great teachers like you have at SHS, I would have done better at school!
  • A little girl reported that she had seen her PE teacher (ST) at gymnastics and that he brought his dolly! When the teacher asked if he saw him with a dolly, the truth came out: she meant he had brought his daughter for her gymnastics class!