Bits & Pieces

  • Auditions for SHS Celebrates coming soon.
  • Teachers’ transfer request and Teaching Preference Form deadline April 15th
  • We will have school on April 20th to replace the December Snow Day we had (Day 5).

Events Next Week

  • Monday, April 9th: EV, SD and KT in Québec
  • Monday, April 9th to Friday, April 13th: Guess how many candies (Gr. 4 fundraiser)
  • Tuesday, April 10th: EV, SD and KT in Québec
  • Wednesday, April 11th: Grade 6 trip to St-Pierre church
  • Wednesday, April 11th: Pastel colours day (50¢)
  • Thursday, April 12th: Grade 6 trip to Foyer St-Maurice
  • Thursday, April 12th: School Council at 16h00
  • Friday, April 13th: Grade 4 Bake Sale
  • Friday, April 13th: Sec 3 trip to Québec (EV and MS away)
  • Saturday, April 14th: Gym rental at school