Great Things Seen & Heard

  • Our Secondary Public Speaking Finalists did an awesome job on Tuesday!! The two winners will receive their award at the next Assembly.
  • Our girls’ rugby team is great fun to watch!
  • We have amazing talent at SHS, showcased once again at SHS Celebrates! Great job to all those involved!!!
  • Donations received at the SHS Celebrates Concert totalled $551.40, slightly more than the Christmas Concert!!
  • A student brought in a Star Wars Monopoly game for his show and tell.  A classmate came to show the teacher that he had $500!  So, she asked him what he would buy with $500.  Others joined in to answer.  Popular responses were:  X-Box, chocolate and candy, a house…then one little girl said to her, “You!”  (Sold for $500!  1 teacher.)  😊
  • A student was running full speed down the hall. When a teacher reminded him that there’s no running in the hallways, he piped up, “I’ll skip” and went off skipping down the hall.
  • A student that has been working on getting along with others at recess brought flowers to a classmate. That’s a great show of progress!