Clips & Tips

This article targets an audience of parents, yet it offers a clear description of Universal Design Learning (UDL) that can help teachers understand one of the many facets of Response to Intervention. It refers to adjusting classroom teaching so that virtually every student can learn whether or not they have learning difficulties or challenged.

Bits & Pieces

  • We need to increase vigilance when supervising in the school yard: fights are happening without any witnesses.
  • All second-floor homeroom classrooms will be refloored this summer, so please think ahead as to how to pack everything away before leaving at the end of June.
  • If you have maintenance needs in your classroom, please let me know as we have a summer repairs to plan.
  • The track will be groomed shortly in preparation for the Benson Track and Field meet (for June 5th).
  • Last day of Secondary classes is June 8th.

Events Next Week

  • Monday, May 28th: 9:00 assembly
  • Tuesday, May 29th: Reward lunch for Secondary Speech finalists
  • Wednesday, May 30th: MB, RY and EV attending BlueJeans meeting in afternoon
  • Thursday, May 31st: KK away at marking centre
  • Friday, June 1st: Freezie Sale for Grade 4
  • Saturday, June 2nd: Gym rental all day (Mr. Berthiaume)