Great Things Seen & Heard

  • We have a dedicated teacher that chose to climb through her classroom window to work when her hallway entry was blocked due to construction last PED Day!
  • Superintendent of Building Services: Wow! Welcome to the 21st century!
  • Staff member regarding a child that pooped his pants: That must have scared the crap out of him!

Bits & Pieces

  • New Computer Tech is in place to start the week of September 10th.
  • Teachers should email their Word version of timetable by Tuesday, September 4th so that we can print them for sub binders. We don’t need Assigned Work or Personal Work for that, only the supervision, teaching and passing time that supply teachers work. Please ask if you need clarification.
  • Part-time staff should hand in their PED Day preferences by Tuesday, September 4th.
  • Teachers’ GPI timetables should be entered by September 21st to allow enough time for teachers to ask for help.
  • Fall testing for DRA in Elementary should be completed by November 15th. Please remember the purpose of that testing is to drive teaching for the current year.

Events Next Week

  • Monday, September 3rd: Stay home and relax: it’s Labour Day!
  • Tuesday, September 4th: Word version of Teacher Timetables (due by email)
  • Tuesday, September 4th: SLC committee, outer office, 3:40 PM
  • Wednesday, September 5th: EV conducting job interviews all morning with EMD.
  • Thursday, September 6th: First pay day for part-time teachers
  • Friday, September 7th: OAW meeting in RY’s new room upstairs, 8:00-8:30