Bits & Pieces

  • Reminder that Outings and Fundraising requests are sent by email to Governing Board members monthly for approval this year instead of at meetings
  • Reminder that technology requests should be sent through the Help link online
  • Reminder that preliminary reports are coming up in two weeks

Events Next Week

  • Monday, October 1st: PED Day for Elections; not a snow day after all!
  • Monday, October 1st: No secretary today
  • Monday, October 1st: School Council meeting at 10h00
  • Monday, October 1st: Math Consultant to meet with all Elementary cycles (specific teachers to see email for details of groups and times)
  • Monday, October 1st: EV in interviews all afternoon
  • Tuesday, October 2nd: EV away at MEES interviews all afternoon
  • Wednesday, October 3rd: Day 3 meetings separate for Elementary (Oasis) and Secondary (Art Room)
  • Wednesday, October 3rd: MADD presentation at 9:15 AM (Secondary) in the Little Theatre
  • Wednesday, October 3rd: SLP (Speech Language Pathologist) in our school for the day
  • Wednesday, October 3rd: Options class goes fishing at 13:30
  • Thursday, October 4th: Grade 6 to Immaculée Conception
  • Thursday, October 5th: PED Day (mostly individual work)