Great Things Seen & Heard

  • We have a team of 13 students and 2 teachers going to represent SHS at our school board’s first We are CQ event on November 9th!
  • We have a new Elementary preliminary report coming up for next year, with a Kindergarten modification to confirm also!
  • High School teachers got together to devise a common approach for dealing with wayward student behaviour!

Bits & Pieces

  • We will have no Day 7 meeting on October 31st.
  • Term One ends on November 8th.
  • Our next PD Day is November 9th.
  • Report card marks must be entered in GPI by 8:00 AM, November 12th (including CCC marks)
  • DRA testing for Elementary must be complete by November 15th

Events Next Week

  • Monday, October 29th: General Assembly at 9h00 followed by Secondary Assembly.
  • Tuesday, October 30th: Grade 4 vaccinations
  • Tuesday, October 30th: EV away at meeting in afternoon
  • Tuesday, October 30th: Student Council over lunch hour
  • Wednesday, October 31st: Dress in costumes for free
  • Wednesday, October 31st: Haunted House 50¢
  • Wednesday, October 31st: EV away both a.m. and p.m.
  • Thursday, November 1st: Teachers’ Union President visits SHS, 12:30-13:00