Great Things Seen & Heard

  • Overheard on day of evacuation: “I’m tired. Shouldn’t we have a school evacuation or something today?”
  • What a great team! The school evacuation went so smoothly, it’s hard to believe it was a surprise!
  • Overheard: “I wanted pizza for lunch, so this is a dream come true!”
  • Heard: “We need to call the custodian; there is toxic gas in the boy’s bathroom!”
  • Heard and overheard: “This was the best Christmas Concert ever!”

Bits & Pieces

  • Because of school closure on December 21st, our Tourtière meal will be served another day.
  • No Friday Focus over holidays because everyone needs a break from school.
  • First day back after holidays will be a PED day (January 7th).

Events Next Week

  • Monday, January 7th: PED Day, quick meeting to decide new date for meal at 9h30 (Library)
  • Monday, January 7th: School Council at 10h00
  • Monday, January 7th: School Level Committee at 13h30
  • Monday, January 8th: No Day 7 Meeting
  • Thursday, January 10th: Grades 5 & 6 at Art Centre
  • Friday, January 11th: Day 3 Meetings (Elementary in Oasis, Secondary in Art Room)

Great Things Seen & Heard

  • Grade 6 kids have been practicing coding! It’s fun to see them totally engaged!
  • First playground committee meeting took place this week! Great project for KK and ST!
  • Wonderful staff party in a unique setting with room to mingle! Thank you to our social committee, RD & MF!
  • Wear your glasses when eating out for you might end up eating something that isn’t food!