Clips & Tips

As we talked about earlier this week, we will soon have our robotics supplies in the library for checkout. Find out more about using robotics in the classroom with this article.

The same website also sheds some light on teaching coding in schools, so you could check these articles out also:


Bits & Pieces

  • Our Christmas Concert will be in the afternoon on December 20th.
  • We expect to have a tourtière lunch for staff and students on December 21st. (More information to follow.)

Events Next Week

  • Monday, December 10th: Awards Assembly at 9h00
  • Monday, December 10th: RB in QC for Geography
  • Monday, December 10th: JMB & MB in QC for Math
  • Monday, December 10th: KT in QC for Early Childhood
  • Monday, December 10th: Guessing Candies in the Jar begins today
  • Monday, December 10th: Monthly Teachers’ Meeting in Library at 15h50
  • Tuesday, December 11th: RY in QC for Math
  • Tuesday, December 11th: Student Council (KT & EV) at 13h00 in Library
  • Tuesday, December 11th: KT away in PM
  • Tuesday, December 11th: EV at Principals’ Meeting online
  • Wednesday, December 12th: KT away (LTHS)
  • Thursday, December 14th: Last Day for Guessing Candies in Jar
  • Thursday, December 13th: No Day 7 Meeting because it’s such a long day!
  • Thursday, December 13th: Staff Party at 17h00
  • Friday, December 14th: Welcome back, SL!
  • Friday, December 14th: Announce winner of Candy Jar
  • Friday, December 14th: Elf Auction at 9:05
  • Friday, December 14th: Grade 6 class at Senior Citizen’s home