Bits & Pieces

  • Two blue recycling bins are reserving the last parking spot by the road for the police that want to monitor driver obedience, as requested.
  • Chocolate sale ends on September 16th
  • Photo Day for whole school on September 27th: please avoid booking outings!
  • Attendance day on September 30th

Events Next Week

  • Monday, September 9th: MADD presentation for Secondary at 14:30
  • Monday, September 9th: Cycle Team Meetings for Elementary
  • Monday, September 9th: Teachers’ Meeting after school in library
  • Tuesday, September 10th: EV away first thing in morning
  • Wednesday, September 11th: EV away first thing in morning
  • Thursday, September 12th: Parent Night starting at 18:30
  • Thursday, September 12th: General Assembly Meeting at 19:30 for Governing Board
  • Friday, September 13th: PED Day on Friday the 13th