Great Things Seen & Heard

  • Sad for us but glad for her: We’re happy that JJ received the transfer she requested to TRA but sad to see her go! We’ll miss you!
  • A previous grad came to wish MS a happy birthday a week early, but she didn’t forget!
  • Every time the dental hygienist comes, we have a fire drill!
  • We did a fine job of exiting the school safely in spite of construction: 3m47s!

Clips & Tips

While the target audience of this website is parents, there is a lot of valuable information that could help us understand and redirect misbehaviour. For example, the video “Why Kids Misbehave” teaches how to judge why children do things by looking at our own (adult) reaction to the behaviour:

Bits & Pieces

  • Please make sure your activities are all posted on the Shared Calendar so that our secretaries know where you are when parents call the school. Thank you!
  • School rental on Saturday, September 28th
  • Secondary IEP meetings will also be held during the week of October 7th
  • Preliminary Reports sent home to parents on October 15th (to office by October 11th)
  • NO ACCESS to school over long weekend: evening of October 11th to evening of October 14th as epoxy flooring will be repaired or redone

Events Next Week

  • Monday, September 30th: Attendance Day
  • Monday, September 30th: Elementary IEPs
  • Monday, September 30th: School Council after school
  • Tuesday, October 1st: Day 5, Secondary meeting in Library
  • Tuesday, October 1st: possibly Secondary IEPs
  • Wednesday, October 2nd: Elementary IEPs
  • Thursday, October 3rd: Terry Fox Run
  • Thursday, October 3rd: EV at interviews in AM (MEES)
  • Thursday, October 3rd: Screens and Teens webinar in Library 18:30-19:30
  • Friday, October 4th: Rain date for Terry Fox Run
  • Friday, October 4th: Elementary IEPs
  • Saturday, October 5th: CQSB Cross-Country Run