Clips & Tips

One phrase in this short article caught my eye, then raised a question: is it possible that we cause student behaviour problems with our own behaviour? Going further down the page, another title raised even more questions: is there such a thing as caring too much? Read on to find both answers here:

Of course, there are so many more things that caught my eye on that blog, so plan to look around for a while!

Bits & Pieces

  • Awards assembly first week of December
  • Stairwells and 2nd and 3rd floors out of bounds starting at 4PM on Thursday, December 5th until Monday morning, December 9th
  • December 6th PED Day will include non-violent intervention moves plus ACGC and Sex Ed planning meetings but only on the Main Floor
  • NO ACCESS to SCHOOL on weekend December 7-8th due to Epoxy floor repair

Events Next Week

  • Monday, November 25th: Options class (Sec 1 & 2) goes swimming
  • Tuesday, November 26th: Day 5 meeting for Secondary Teachers
  • Tuesday, November 26th: Parkours after school for registered students
  • Wednesday, November 27th: Grad Bake Sale at recesses and lunch time
  • Wednesday, November 27th: Mini-basket 3-4 after school
  • Thursday, November 28th: EV returns to school
  • Thursday, November 28th: MJM goes on leave until January 6th
  • Friday, November 29th: Student Council Casual Day for 50¢
  • Friday, November 29th: House activity at 14:40 (Gr. 6 to Sec 5 in Gym)
  • Friday, November 29th: Cheerleading after school for registered students
  • Friday, November 29th: Deadline for Outings and Fundraising requests (email vote on weekend)