Bits & Pieces

  • December 6th PED Day will include non-violent intervention moves plus ACGC and Sex Ed planning meetings but only on the Main Floor
  • NO ACCESS to SCHOOL on weekend December 7-8th due to Epoxy floor repair

Events Next Week

  • Monday, December 2nd: Day 9 Cycle Team meetings for Elementary Teachers
  • Monday, December 2nd: Regular monthly Teachers’ Meeting after school
  • Tuesday, December 3rd: LV away in PM
  • Tuesday, December 3rd: Parkours and Arts & Crafts after school for registered students
  • Wednesday, December 4th: Assembly at 9:00 AM (awards for Term One) on Day 1
  • Wednesday, December 4th: Mini-basket 3-4 after school
  • Thursday, December 5th: CBM at Math workshop in Québec
  • Thursday, December 5th: Grade 6 goes to Improv Games at École St-Jacques
  • Thursday, December 5th: Stairwells blocked after 4PM (for whole weekend)
  • Friday, December 6th: PED Day review of non-violent intervention
  • Friday, December 6th: PED Day meetings for ACGC and SexEd
  • Friday, December 6th: Cheerleading in gym for registered students at 15:45
  • Friday, December 6th: Daycare will spend the day elsewhere (Recre-O-Fun)