Great Things Seen & Heard

  • Great news: another baby is coming to the SHS family! Congratulations MN & TK!
  • We heard that Elementary teachers have “recycle” meetings on Day 9!
  • Our school was mentioned in a news report regarding the 100-yr old veteran that comes to our Remembrance Day ceremony. Thanks, KK, for all your hard work!
  • A Grade 5 student receives $20 from her dad if the school doesn’t call him that day!

Bits & Pieces

  • NO ACCESS to SCHOOL on weekend December 7-8th due to Epoxy floor repair
  • Elf Day on December 16th
  • Christmas concert for Elementary at 13:30 on December 19th
  • Christmas party for staff on December 19th (games plus restaurant)
  • Christmas lunch for staff and students on December 20th

Events Next Week

  • Monday, December 9th: Grad class starts selling basket draw tickets
  • Monday, December 9th: Options class goes swimming in PM
  • Tuesday, December 10th: Day 5 Secondary meeting (check WIN students with AIG)
  • Tuesday, December 10th: EV at meeting in AM
  • Tuesday, December 10th: Cycle 1 visits Borealis (all day field trip)
  • Tuesday, December 10th: Grade 6 at Senior Citizens’ Home in PM
  • Tuesday, December 10th: EV with grads at Auberge after school
  • Tuesday, December 10th: Parkours after school for registered students
  • Wednesday, December 11th: SL & JMB at workshop in Québec
  • Wednesday, December 11th: Mini-basket 3-4 after school
  • Thursday, December 12th: Grade 6 at the Art Centre in AM
  • Friday, December 13th: EV away in PM
  • Friday, December 13th: Elf Auction last period of day in gym
  • Friday, December 13th: Cheerleading in gym for registered students at 15:45