Great Things Seen & Heard

  • Our concert has become more up-to-date with headset microphones and new speakers!
  • Secondary 5 girls were a super surprise addition to the concert program!
  • New computers have already arrived!
  • First installation in the weight room project: exercise bikes!
  • Overheard from an elf on Elf Day: the kids at recess outside go crazy! Those teachers don’t earn enough money!
  • Seen: some very exhausted elves dragging their overwrought bodies home from school on Monday…

Clips & Tips

One of the first steps in successful teamwork is practicing the ability to hear what others have to say and respecting their point of view. Part of that ability is avoiding projecting what we think or feel on others that don’t think and feel the way we do.  Hearing the ideas of others and talking about them is one of the points in this helpful article:

Bits & Pieces

  • All schools in Quebec are having drinking water tested and results won’t be in until February, hence the signage to let water run before drinking.
  • The CQSB server is going to be changed, so we could expect changes in the way we log in and do email.
  • PED Day to return to school on January 6th [Grades 3-6 in Oasis at 9:00, Secondary Teachers at 13:00, School Council in Outer Office at 15:00 and individual work for the rest of the time]
  • School Council meets at 15h00 on January 6th
  • Students return on January 7th
  • Three new students on January 7th (two Grade 5 and one Sec 2)
  • Student teacher returns to Grade 6 on January 7th

Events Next Week

  • Monday, December 23rd: Quiet day at school for those who don’t start holidays yet.
  • Tuesday, December 24th: Christmas Eve holiday
  • Wednesday, December 25th: Christmas Day holiday
  • Thursday, December 26th: Boxing Day holiday
  • Friday, December 27th: Enjoy sleeping: the busy days are over once again.