Great Things Seen & Heard

  • RB will be in for RY starting Monday!
  • MJM is coming back on Thursday!
  • Regular visitors to the Friday Focus online in 2019 came from more different countries than in 2018: they represented 12 different countries around the world, in addition to Canada! (Now you know why we use people’s initials for privacy…)

Bits & Pieces

  • Reminder to submit new tax forms to payroll (they sent an email in December)
  • Secondary Exam Week in Gym: January 20th to January 23rd
  • Secondary Ski Day: January 24th
  • Elementary Sliding Day: January 29th
  • We are CQ (secondary students): January 31st to February 1st.
  • Elementary Skating Days: February 7th (K-2) and 28th (3-6) (to be confirmed)
  • Next Teacher Meeting: January 13th
  • Next Outings & Fieldtrip request deadline: January 24th

Events Next Week

  • Monday, January 6th: PED Day for teachers [Grades 3-6 in Oasis at 9:00, Secondary Teachers at 13:00 in Library, School Council in Outer Office at 15:00 and individual work for the rest of the time].
  • Monday, January 6th: LV away
  • Tuesday, January 7th: Day 5 meeting for Secondary Teachers exchanged for extra meeting next week
  • Tuesday, January 7th: Students return including three new ones (two Grade 5 boys and one Sec 2 girl)
  • Tuesday, January 7th: Student teacher returns to Grade 6
  • Thursday, January 9th: Secondary 4 Bake Sale (for future Grad)
  • Thursday, January 9th: EV in BlueJeans meetings all afternoon
  • Friday, January 10th: EV away all day