Great Things Seen & Heard

  • Seen on teacher mailbox: “ERC expert and consultant”
  • We have more than enough students for the K-4 class, thanks to extra effort by MF!
  • Noticed in the office: a certain female teacher wiggles her hip when she waves!
  • Heard from previous grad: “That’s because you raised me so well!”
  • Overheard in K: “Could you put on some Christmas music?”

Bits & Pieces

  • Assemblies have been entered on the Shared Calendar for the rest of the year
  • Tech Training and Elementary Math Essential Learning Goals on March 9th PED Day
  • Replacement of 1st Snow Day goes to April 24th (Day 8 on the cycle)

Events Next Week

  • Monday, February 24th: Day 9 Elementary cycle meetings all day
  • Monday, February 24th: LV away in afternoon
  • Tuesday, February 25th: Principals’ meeting in PM
  • Wednesday, February 26th: Sec 5 Bake Sale
  • Thursday, February 27th: Assembly at 9:00 AM
  • Thursday, February 27th: House Activity at 13:05 (back-up date March 12th)
  • Friday, February 28th: Skating, Grades 3-6