Bits & Pieces

  • Other online meetings may be scheduled by and for other employees. Communication by email would be sent out if that is the case.
  • Our school board’s director of technology has sent IT training capsules for Internet Security to all school board personnel. We encourage you all to take the time to complete the interactive tasks included in the videos. Thank you for your participation!
  • The flooring contractor that was scheduled to come repair our epoxy floors was cancelled due to the pause in construction. It will be rescheduled for after April 13th or at least, that was the intention before the latest directive of no access whatsoever.

Events Next Week

  • Monday, April 6th: Teachers send ministry activity to students.
  • Monday, April 6th: Teachers’ Meeting on Teams at 14h00.
  • Tuesday, April 7th: Principals’ Meeting; updates are possible.
  • Wednesday, April 8th: School remains closed. This item will be updated during week.
  • Thursday, April 9th: Teachers receive new activities for tweaking (if not before).
  • Friday, April 10th: Good Friday, so school is closed for sure! No possible updates!