Clips & Tips

In this day and age, we need to provide our students with skills to help them flourish in our fast-paced, information-loaded society. The four critical areas of essential learning for the 21st century can be described as the 4 C’s: critical thinking, creative thinking, communication and collaboration. To find out more about what that type of learning entails, read this article and watch the video, following other links once you get hooked:


Bits & Pieces

  • Medical exemptions should be confirmed early next week.
  • Many free webinars are available for free to help us handle increased student challenges.
  • Brick remodelling is expected to commence some time in May, as prearranged last year.
  • Communicating online is easy with Teams—check online tutorials to find out more.

Events Next Week

  • Monday, May 4th: Teachers and designated staff head to school for preparation
  • Monday, May 4th: Teachers send ministry activity to students at 10h00
  • Monday, May 4th: Teachers’ Meeting on Teams at 14h00
  • Tuesday, May 5th: Principals’ Meeting, so updates are possible in the afternoon
  • Wednesday, May 6th: Students retrieve belongings with appointments
  • Thursday, May 7th: Students retrieve belongings with appointments
  • Friday, May 8th: Last minute preparation for the big day, May 11th