Great Things Seen & Heard

  • School secretaries handled the telephone misconduct of frustrated parents with grace. Way to go, ladies! Keep your chins up; it only gets better from here!
  • Student belongings sorted in bags in no time on third floor due to super cooperation!
  • Second floor classrooms rearranged and even moved… thank you Secondary teachers for pitching in! Many hands (feet) make work light!
  • School secretaries and our fearless rover handled all the parents coming with proper social distance, in style!
  • Our fearless rover did all the legwork for me to get the students into groups, and even posted documents! I sure appreciate the help, NG!
  • ST, NG and MJC have the school yard in control! We can’t wait to see it in action!
  • ST and NG summarized our discussions online for us so we all have a chance to breathe!
  • KK has a unique measuring rope for moving students around with social distance!
  • Staff at home are improving systems and approaches for connecting services to students!