Great Things Seen & Heard

  • We could have a garden project with community involvement to embellish the yard next year!
  • Work is already starting on Career Day for Secondary students for next year!
  • Students are scrambling for shade with our hot weather!
  • The local groundhogs provide hours of entertainment for anyone outside!

Bits & Pieces

  • Five new students registered for next week, so we are up to 63.
  • Construction is still on track— the first layer of bricks has been removed.
  • Student pick-up hours are from 15h15 to 15h45; parents needing to pick up earlier that 15h15 need to go to the main entrance.
  • Many free webinars continue to be added to the repertoire.
  • English TELUQ training may not be ready until first week of June, but the French sessions are available in the meantime.

Events Next Week

  • Monday, May 25th: Meeting for at-home Elementary teachers, 9:00 AM.
  • Tuesday, May 26th: Principals’ Meeting, so updates are possible in the afternoon
  • Wednesday, May 27th: Third webinar on filling the gap (must pre-register)
  • Friday, May 29th: Dress Like a Teacher Day
  • Friday, May 29th: Meeting on Teams for five Secondary teachers, 11:00 AM.