Great Things Seen & Heard

  • Thank you for the extra kindness and patience as we organize and reorganize (and reorganize again) to meet our students’ technology needs!
  • It was most interesting to see how so many students were distracted by the word “distracting” in the student handbook!
  • Our most patient staff member’s name has now evolved from Randy, to Brandy, to Brian. Good thing the poor guy is so good-natured!  
  • TR’s phone posted the incorrect day for the first time in history—perhaps he shouldn’t be trying to make it to four years before replacing it!
  • Some missing slippers have been spotted in the cars outside our wellness coach’s window—please keep an eye out for them!
  • One of our English teachers has now been titled “Lady” so we can call her Milady now!
  • Monday’s hot lunch was listed on the website as apple burgers with pot!