Great Things Seen & Heard

  • We thought lunch hour was short, but it turns out that it is long enough to buy a car!
  • We have two new words this week: “browngies” (a variation of boundaries) and “voluncheering” for those helpful staff members that are often offering assistance!
  • Overheard: “If I wanted to be a maid, I would have taken a job at a hotel.”
  • A slip of the tongue: a staff member asked to bite a colleague’s ear instead of bending it.
  • Learning a new word that is commonly used in describing how to use a cell phone in class: “sneakily” (it really is a word that is found in the dictionary!).
  • Student comment: “I’ve never been in a room full of smart people before!”
  • A tropical storm was named after me J !
  • Do we have a secret pizza door? No, we have a substitute teacher who orders pizza for students!
  • New use for a hall pass: stick it to the camera observing the bathroom entrance and then forget about it! (Of course, only one student is tall enough to reach the camera on the ceiling so it’s easy to find out who did it…)
  • People in this school are so nice; even with putting “meet” sauce or hot “dots” on the memo, no-one complained!

Clips & Tips

Shifting our focus from grades to learning can be a challenge, but it helps to plan ahead using available resources. The Alberta Assessment Consortium has many online learning opportunities and resources for you on their website:

Bits & Pieces

  • Poinsettia Sale (fundraising for Basketball) continues.
  • We will skip our bi-weekly staff meeting on November 9th and meet with Collaborative Teams on November 23rd.
  • Report Cards go out to parents on November 10th.
  • November 11th, 12th and 13th are days off for all staff and students.
  • November 16th and 17th: Parent-Teacher Interviews via Google Hangout (phone calls).
  • School Culture Club Breakfast next PD Day (November 27th)
  • Next PD Day (November 27th) activities will include two 90-minute CRM webinars (9 AM and 12:30 PM) and our Indigenous Coach session (10:30 AM).
  • The scheduled Superintendent’s visit is on December 3rd.
  • Reminder: Attendance in Maplewood is used for making decisions.
  • Reminder: Please use Maplewood Notebook to record contact with parents, including those calls home regarding attendance, late arrivals, and cell phones.

Events This Week

  • Monday, November 9th: No meeting after school
  • Monday, November 9th: Hot lunch is Pasta & Meat Sauce
  • Monday, November 9th: Parent Council at 6:00 PM (Zoom)
  • Tuesday, November 10th: Virtual Remembrance Day ceremony 11:45 AM (Google Meet)
  • Tuesday, November 10th: Hot lunch is Chicken Caesar Salad
  • Tuesday, November 10th: Report Cards emailed to parents
  • Wednesday, November 11th: Remembrance Day (holiday)
  • Thursday, November 12th:   Day off for all staff and students
  • Friday, November 13th: Day off for all staff and students