Great Things Seen & Heard

  • One CALM student that took an interactive baby home commented that she’s tired of being a single mom after a long night!
  • A male CALM student that held a wailing interactive baby in the hallway was counselled by a younger student to take precautions next time (but in much cruder language, of course).
  • Overall, the CALM babies were not calm at all: we could hear them crying from the office!
  • Overheard: isn’t Cuba close to Cape Breton?
  • You know you’ve got too many students vaping when you see a chocolate on the floor and think it’s a vape…
  • New vocabulary: shack-whacking means “stir crazy” (being cooped up inside at home too long)
  • We have a new code word for announcements: code “buzz” means come help, it’s a work bee!
  • Another new staff member: Bernard (or is that just a previous staff member with yet another new name?)