Great Things Seen & Heard

  • Way to go, Team! ALL marks were in at the office on time and things went remarkably smoothly!
  • Got to love it: so many staff members take initiative and pitch in to help all the time!
  • Someone noticed our board’s calendar magnet has another February 29th this year!
  • Overhead: discussion of toilet etiquette suggestions for staff bathroom, including cleaning smears, spraying methods, and the use of a courtesy flush. We can’t wait to see the poster…
  • Overheard: singing “you got to mauve it, mauve it” regarding hall passes this coming week.
  • An Edmonton Oiler’s face covering mask has been ordered in case we need to cover a Calgary Flames nose!
  • Overheard: stop stirring the pot, the recipe’s done!
  • Overhead: can’t find the meeting? Look at the right month on your calendar!
  • Overheard: the cold and the flu don’t exist anymore!