Great Things Seen & Heard

  • Our school received the highest compliments regarding students following guidelines!
  • Some students apparently thought PDA was allowed because it fits in with Biology class!
  • Our food survey went well, and many new suggestions came up for us to consider!  
  • A student came up with a new way to skip school: he told his mom that we had kicked him out (untrue) while he told us that his mom was in the hospital and that he had to leave town (also untrue).
  • Students in one of the foods classes have been nicknamed with food names—the kids love it!
  • The brain hats were a big hit in Biology class!
  • A student told us that he had a job working in carpentry to count towards Work Experience, but in reality, he was a pumping gas!
  • We have staff members practicing their morning greetings in different languages. I love it!
  • Another language lesson: “would y’as like to” means “would you guys like to?”