Great Things Seen & Heard

  • Baby Nora was born at 9:30 AM on Thursday; both mom and baby are doing well!
  • We were alarmed when we heard someone saw an attempted murder over the lunch hour, but then heard that only one crow showed up! (a murder is a group of crows, by the way)
  • Thank you to those teachers that filled out the intent form so quickly!
  • Boys in Foods class were excited to hear they would be using Extra Virgin Oil in class!
  • Alarms are coming to our end-of-hallway doors!
  • Student’s excuse: “But I’m not wandering the halls; I know exactly where I’m going!”
  • Our Numeracy Committee has some great plans for increasing student engagement!
  • A student was scolded for saying “I’m dumb” but he’d actually said “I’m down” meaning he was signing up for something!
  • Our one and only Art teacher managed to win a push-up challenge by a student, 52 push-ups to 50! Way to go! (The student claims he will call for a rematch soon…)