Great Things Seen & Heard

  • Many staff will be purchasing their lunches from local businesses as a sign of support over the lockdown period.
  • The stolen pickle mystery has yet to be resolved, but in the meantime, students are eating pickles in their online classes! Poor NM…
  • Over the lunch hour, a sleeping student on a hill beside our track suddenly sprang up when other students approached with food. Wish our security cameras caught that one!
  • We will maintain our current number of teachers with the 2021-22 budget!
  • We will have another EA next year!

Bits & Pieces

  • 3-Year Plan discussion on PD day: consider data from surveys, choose priorities.
  • Core subject teachers will meet up with PRS teachers as a first step to vertical collaboration.
  • Our next regular bi-weekly team meeting will be on May 17th.
  • Chosen date for Grad is June 19th, at the rodeo grounds for the most flexibility.

Events This Week

  • Monday, May 10th: Online schooling for all staff and students.
  • Monday, May 10th: School Council meeting at 6:00 PM.
  • Tuesday, May 11th: Admin PD in morning.
  • Tuesday, May 11th: TR away in afternoon.
  • Tuesday, May 11th: Math-Science teachers’ HPSD collaboration after school.
  • Thursday, May 13th: Secondary administrators’ meeting.
  • Thursday, May 13th: Admin meeting after school.
  • Thursday, May 13th: PE/Specialist teachers’ HPSD collaboration after school.
  • Friday, May 14th: PD Day: 3-year Plan (discussion); core teachers meet PRS at 2:00 PM