Great Things Seen & Heard

  • Congratulations, BB, on your new teaching position in Nelson, BC! We’ll miss you…
  • We’ve been duped! The victim of the pickle theft was actually the thief!
  • Our school placed 5th in the provincial competition for Skills Canada Robotics! Way to go, guys!
  • A student was seen vaping during on-line class; the teacher virtually suspended him!
  • Speaking of vaping, a (joke) suggestion came up at School Council: a vape walk! (instead of a cake walk)
  • Overheard: a staff member said she’d be a heifer forever…
  • Upon hearing that my bromeliad had a baby, I was asked who’s Bromeliad?

Clips & Tips

Maybe you’re going stir crazy with extra isolation and need to pick up a new pastime. Have you ever thought of tap-dancing? This is a cute video of a 10-year old and her grandfather that I happened to find very inspirational, especially the grande finale. Is there anywhere in town that sells tap shoes?

Bits & Pieces

  • Notes from PD were emailed; 3YEP will be shared soon.
  • CR team meeting cancelled on May 17th (mission accomplished on PD Day).
  • Our next regular bi-weekly team meeting will be on May 31st.
  • Chosen date for Grad is June 19th, at the rodeo grounds.

Events This Week

  • Monday, May 17th: Online schooling for all staff and students all week again.
  • Monday, May 17th: Literacy meeting (HPSD) in afternoon (CW).
  • Tuesday, May 18th: Grad photo
  • Tuesday, May 18th: Admin PD in morning (for real this time).
  • Tuesday, May 18th: TR away in afternoon (for real this time).
  • Tuesday, May 18th: FSL Curriculum Collaboration (EV)
  • Thursday, May 20th: Last day of online schooling!
  • Friday, May 21st: Day off in exchange for PTI: 4-day long weekend!