Great Things Seen & Heard

  • One of our students hit a hole-in-one at the golf tournament last Monday!
  • A special needs student that often only appeared when our LST was away last year showed up for the first time when PL was away at the golf tournament! Quite the track record!
  • A student was looking for TR to tell him he looks like the principal on Rick and Morty. The boy was really quite excited about it!
  • Overheard: a student telling another student that he missed his chance, anti-mask day was last week.
  • Comments from football players washing uniforms: doing laundry is yucky!
  • You know it’s been a long, tiring week when both administrators wonder where the corn field is at the Corn Maze Fun Day for Grade 10 students!
  • Overheard: a student is pretty tired today because he couldn’t sleep in Math class; that new teacher’s voice is too loud!