Great Things Seen & Heard

  • Bio teacher gets her brain bucket open by herself for the first time!
  • After our emergency evacuation after school last week, we overheard relief that someone else is here first thing in the morning now…
  • We heard how ELA 10 class is getting totally engaged in Shakespeare this year!
  • Question posed in class: why is the Netflix elephant peeing on the CRTC guy?
  • We also heard that CRTC is calling one of our other teachers during class…
  • A student says that the Parmesan wraps (flour-free alternative to tortillas) reminded her of breast implants. Why she knows what they feel like remains a mystery…
  • One of our EA’s has been recommended to wear a can for protection at work, even if it’s not a sport.
  • After being asked what he’d like to do after finishing High School, a student states that he’d like to be in a relationship.
  • Overheard: is that student always high, or is he just low?