Great Things Seen & Heard

  • When a student was called to come out of the bathroom since he’d been in there a long time, he hollered back that he was pooping. The reply was that he can’t poop and walk at the same time!
  • In SS class, a student was heard saying, “Oh no, I have a f*ing test tomorrow, but the quick reply was “No, that would have to be a biology test!”
  • Students were seen yelling out the classroom window for a skipping student to stop playing in his backyard and come to class!
  • Don’t bother asking Google questions; just ask DW for answers.
  • New word this week: cross-curriculate.
  • Heard at a Math-Science collaboration meeting: kids don’t learn from novel studies. How rude!
  • Teachers are thinking of making up their own TikTok challenges.