Great Things Seen & Heard

  • Data Driven Decision-Making: time each version of O Canada to determine which combination takes the least total time in a week. You’d never guess who volunteered for this task!
  • Slip of the tongue: meant to say “I’m on your side” but said “I’m on your case!”
  • New school rule: selling car parts must take place outside the school, outside school hours!
  • New favourite teacher: Mr. Rozner!
  • NS received a surprise this week: someone purchased her a gift from her classroom’s Amazon Wish List!
  • Teacher shouted out a window for a skipping student to return inside but he replied, “No, I’ll try again next week.”
  • Students in FBE were engaged with a business escape room. What a great idea!
  • Students in Math have game-type homework assignments, where different answers lead to different pages.
  • Student seemed proud of his reputation: he was bragging, “Moms are really into me! Every time I’m on Facebook, they like me!”