Great Things Seen & Heard

  • A new substitute confused our two older white-haired men on her first day.
  • Volleyball divisional results: girls won and boys came in second. Way to go, teams! Thanks, DW!
  • Killer weekend for one teacher: her family members had much hunting success and she got her moose! Congratulations, JA!
  • Conversation with student: Maybe tutoring will help? (No, dear, you have missed 80% of your classes so it will take more than that…)
  • Overheard: Today is all right, but tomorrow will be my favourite day: it will be like a Friday but will only be Tuesday!
  • Overheard: Lazy plus absence equals a deathly combination.
  • Student asks for exemption for an assignment: First he had volleyball, then he had basketball, and THEN he had a shop fire. The shop lighting on fire was totally beyond his control.
  • What kind of drawl do some students have at EWP? Why, withdrawl of course!