Great Things Seen & Heard

  • Students at our home basketball tournament were excited to hear that their coach was going to be in a fight, but it was just a crazy rumour.
  • Some thought the opposing team’s basketball coach was saluting as if to Hitler, but it was a sloppy hand sign for a three-pointer!
  • Sometimes the size of our email window changes a message: “calling a student to the office to call her father” was cut off to say, “I called a student to my office and called her fat!”
  • Our finance secretary thought she’d play a trick and jumped out to scare a staff member but it was a student’s mother at the door, not the EA!
  • One of our teachers made a pocket call to a parent and the mother was so interested in the lesson that she listened in for the whole thing! That’s a compliment!
  • Overheard when the order of Christmas planters was assembled in the conference room:
    “What an odd order, all these planters and only one wreath!”
  • A substitute teacher called student names in to the office for attendance and thought the baseball player, JH, was “Huggies.” That boy had better start practicing neater handwriting!