Great Things Seen & Heard

  • Maybe it’s better not to say “I’m going to pick up some girls” when driving off to get students from the other school!
  • The girl with the door open and two other girls in the stall asked for privacy!
  • Kleenex in classrooms? Much better than going to the bathroom for blowing a nose, I’ve heard!
  • English teacher loses the competition because the iambic pentameter comment left her speechless!
  • Now that the subject has come up on this platform, it will definitely cost us some pickles!
  • We collect as much evidence as a team as the untouchables taking down Al Capone!
  • Teacher mistakes student’s real ears for plastic ones and reaches out to touch them to check!
  • Student starts a rumour that the teacher faked covid for a weeklong hangover and then was trying to negotiate credit for his missing assignments in exchange for silence.
  • An accusation of buying zucchini instead of cucumbers was reversed; check the receipt to be sure!