Great Things Seen & Heard

  • When a teacher said our EA is no longer with us meaning the EA was working in another class, a student thought that meant the EA had passed away. Oops!
  • Our hot lunch cooks from last year were thrilled with their Chargers aprons!
  • Our secretary stand-in had a counterfeit call from a Mooshum asking a student to leave school early, but when asked why the voice sounded so young, the caller hung up.
  • A student tried to sneak past TR who was looking at his phone in the entry foyer, but CB hollered at him and he had to come into the office to call his mother.
  • A student was alarmed that there were the same “two old men” sitting outside in the student parking area every day at the same time, but it turned out that it was a student’s great-grandpa with his driver coming to pick up another student!
  • Parents of students are coming forward to let us know their child feels an adult in our school is on their side. Way to go, team!
  • A student called one of our teachers a “small woman child.” Please interpret if you can!
  • A student’s April Fool’s joke was that she was not returning to school now that she turned 18!
  • Our students performed very well at the badminton tournament on Saturday! Many medals!