Great Things Seen & Heard

  • Congratulations on receiving long-service awards, to JA, AL, and SO!
  • A student says it is enough of a reward just to participate in Spirit Days!
  • Two different people considered our own CB hot two times in the same day!
  • Speculation from a student that anyone who holds the responsibility of a school principal must surely have partied hard in high school, as you cannot simply develop that sense of responsibility overnight: you have to overcome irresponsibility first!
  • Wanted: an English teacher who could teach a boy the entire English 30 course in two weeks or less! We have the name to call for any interested applicants…
  • A student asked his teacher if he would be comfortable calling him “Lightning” from now on!
  • After hearing his Foods teacher will be working on a Masters’ of Education in Home Economics in the fall, a student tells her that would be a huge disappointment to his parents if they were her parents! Congratulations on your acceptance into the program, NS!