Great Things Seen & Heard

  • Our exceptional staff made our Open House BBQ a huge success! What awesome people we have at our school!
  • On “Dress Like a Teacher” day, one student said he was dressed as that drippy guy, but he wasn’t dressed like anyone we know!
  • We heard that some of the seniors live to see our SS teacher run by with her dog: the highlight of their day!
  • We witnessed a teacher wearing Wonder Woman socks to get more students to hand in assignments!
  • What’s heard is not always that same as what’s said: cut gloves turned into “a golf club” while a teacher’s name turned into “a ticket to induction!”
  • To separate two smooching students in class, one student told them to keep room for the principal!
  • Students brought condolence gifts to an avid Calgary Flames fan staff member after the Oilers won!