Great Things Seen & Heard

  • Student loves the school lunch so much that he asks the Foods teacher to do the same recipe in his class so that he can learn how to make it!
  • Student hallway monitor sending notorious hallway wanderer back to his class, saying she doesn’t believe he even has a locker!
  • Student who started Science 14 late at PVO already finished the course!
  • Job aspirations? No need for a job; the student is planning to live in the forest and hug trees.
  • Students have been learning a few words in Chinese in Math 10-3. One was joking around with another teacher and tried to call her “Miss Buttface” but actually said “Prostitute Buttface.” Either way, he was pretty embarrassed to be caught!
  • Overheard in hallway: Student feels like a five-dollar hooker in that dress!