Great Things Seen & Heard   

  • Since many of our requests for help with keys and knobs at school are turned down when we struggle to get doors open, we were most delightfully surprised with a new doorknob for Room 147. Congratulations, RL!
  • Speaking of requests for help, when our automatic sink faucet was in need of a new battery, one teacher made up a song to sing while trying to get the water to run!
  • Sometimes we think we have such unruly students, but in Grade 3, one little boy stood up in the middle of his class stood up and yelled “suck my dick” but was horrified when he found out what that means (his friend dared him to do it).
  • Student felt sick and woozy after lunch after eating the whole bag of candy she thought her mother had packed in her backpack, but then remembered that she had bought the bag of edibles herself when she turned 18! Too late to not eat them all at once!
  • Student brought four apples into the boys’ washroom after lunch and then later volunteered to clean up smashed apples on walls and cubicles in exchange for unlocking the door to let boys use the washroom.
  • Fine line of interpretation between “send homework experience” versus “sending home work experience forms!”
  • When teacher asked how to get the touch screen feature to work on the whiteboard, the answer came that SmartBoard and interactive screens can have that feature, but whiteboards still require markers. Oops! Wrong word!