Great Things Seen & Heard

  • We may not be special to receive 34 new Chromebooks, but it’s still great news that we received 34 new Chromebooks!  
  • A shy student told his teacher that the tech guy sounded like a muppet!
  • Overheard: ceiling may be fire retardant, but alcohol is retardant for students!
  • Teacher overheard singing a new song about doing it on the bathroom floor except the principal has the key…
  • Our two conference speakers were so popular, they’ve been invited to speak to a special EverActive staff audience!
  • Student said her uncle is bringing her lunch, but since her boyfriend was the one who brought her lunch, we’ll have to call him Uncle!
  • Student tells another student that although she may want to be like her teacher when she grows up, she’ll never be able to afford the therapy her teacher gets!