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Bits & Pieces

  • One new student registered for next week, so we are up to 65.
  • Police team that will be visiting our school will need to reschedule if something urgent happens.
  • Reminder to in-school teachers: please have students outside by 15h15 so we don’t end up with a traffic jam when parents have to wait for their children to exit the school.

Events Next Week

  • Monday, June 8th: Meeting for at-home Elementary teachers, 9:00 AM.
  • Monday, June 8th: IEP meetings with teachers throughout the day.
  • Tuesday, June 9th: Principals’ Meeting, so updates are possible afterward.
  • Tuesday, June 9th: Police team coming after school to tour building at 16h00.
  • Wednesday, June 10th: More IEP meetings with teachers.
  • Thursday, June 11th: Kits are uploaded into Teams file folder.
  • Friday, June 12th: Mis-matched Shoe Day.
  • Friday, June 12th: Any remaining IEP meetings with teachers.
  • Friday, June 12th: Meeting on Teams for five Secondary teachers, 11:00 AM.