Great Things Seen & Heard

  • We had our first official RAP student this week, in the bakery downtown! Congratulations, TR!
  • We saw our school’s 40th art display in the local newspaper! Way to go, RL!
  • We have someone special in our school: if you put something down and forget it one day, EE will see it and bring it to your class the next morning!
  • New group at lunch: jewelry making with RL and BC! Awesome idea!
  • Learning new vocabulary: it’s not the “why” chromosome, but the “Y” chromosome!
  • Our school received even more compliments from people outside the school regarding us having the most compliant student population regarding Covid guidelines!
  • Tip of the week: if you’re planning to stop to smoke a joint on the front steps after school, make sure you stop at the bathroom on your way out so we get a good look at your face in the camera…